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Marshfield Citizens Against Airport Pollution
"Protecting the public's health, environment, and property; promoting safety;
and advocating a sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry."
Many of us have contacted Rep. Cantwell with our concerns and supposedly he is "looking into it." If you haven’t contacted him yet, please email him at or phone him at 617 722 2140. They are definitely monitoring public calls and emails.
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"The use of a moderate amount of treated wood in a fast flowing river or stream is likely to pose a minimal risk, whereas the use of larger amounts of treated wood ( such as CCA) in somewhat stagnant water may pose greater risk" chapter 2 page 7 ENVIRONMENTAL AND AESTHETIC CONSIDERATIONS click here This treated wood chemical is flowing into our ecosystem
This guidance [ Conditions to Protect Water Quality: ] was developed with the assistance of the University of Massachusetts, Urban Harbors Institute, Boston, with funds provided by U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) under Section 104(b)(3) of the Clean Water Act. CCA ( Copper, arsenic ) info page 20
Conditions to Protect Water Quality: The use of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated wood and creosote treated timber is prohibited.

CCA info.
More CCA Info
Boston Globe article Feb 23, 2014
The regulations, slated to take effect this spring, would double the amount of lead and increase by 150 percent the amount of arsenic allowed to remain in dirt
15 feet or more below the surface
The piles covered in arsenic at Marshfield Airport are not 15 feet below the surface the CCA covers the piles from top to bottom read more....

Conservation Commission
Contact: Jay Wennemer Conservation Agent

Lois Keenliside Secretary

Address: 870 Moraine 2nd Floor
Marshfield, MA 02050
Fax: 781-837-7163
Selectman's Office Phone: 781-834-5563